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  • It is a social sport

Well, believe it or not, archery is a social sport. It’s an activity with an extremely low barrier of entry. This allows nearly anyone to participate. Archery teaches children and adults the importance of teamwork.

  • Teaches self discipline and focus

We can all agree that archery is one game that instills self and focus discipline. All you’ve got to do is adjust and learn fast. You can’t skip a step and be 100% effective. Archery teaches that slowing down thought process to focus makes you more successful.

  • Helps to improve your coordination and balance

Archery helps improve your balance as well as your coordination. This is quite straightforward, considering the fact that archery is focusing on a goal and executing a shot. That is all it takes to improve your coordination and balance. This in turn helps improve your hand to eye coordination and can help you hit your target accurately.

  • Helps your physical health

The most obvious reason to learn is your physical wellbeing. Archery is a mostly outdoor game. Archers tend to absorb vitamin D naturally from sunlight. Vitamin D is highly needed for bone health and growth. Archery also will help build your core, back, chest, and shoulder muscles.

  • Helps with your self confidence

One of the best reasons to learn archery is that it helps improve self confidence. Each archer draws this gratification from hitting the target and even more from a bulls eye. Archery is a sport that improves mental confidence of any participant.

  • It helps you act

Now this may seem like going just a little extreme, but it’s the truth. If you ask any archer, they will tell you that following rules have become the most important things. When you learn to follow rules, you begin to act a particular way of course in a positive light. These rules that guide you to becoming a better archer can assist you in all facets of life. If you have a kid with behavioral problems, encouraging them to learn archery is actually a way to help them change.

  • Helps you establish goals

Since we have touched a bit on the psychological advantages of learning archery, helping an individual especially a growing child to learn goal-setting. This is usually so straightforward, because archery is one sport that offers a goal setting atmosphere. This will enable the archer from the classroom and life generally. As soon as you start to increase your distance and focus on smaller goals, you understand how to set goals and actually achieve them. It’s one step at a time.

It teaches is respect. Archery as a game instills respect to both the archer and also the rival. As an archer, you must respect the rules of this game just like in other sports. It also teaches you the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • It is one of the safest sports

Archery is one of the safest sports especially for kids. It is as safe as sports such as table tennis and bowling. Needless to say, all sports have risks but suitable archery done in the right care keeps archers and the audience safe.

Why you should learn archery

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