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Man’s boundless quest for beating skies has led him to invent gliders, airplanes and aircraft. The air vehicles have not only facilitated communication but also fulfilled our innate desire of flying. However, the thought of flying alone, freely has always enticed man and the result is paragliding. Out of all of the recreational air-sports which are prevalent in practice now, powered paragliding has gained much fame, the facility to fly safely, use of minimal equipment, lower maintenance cost and portability has earned it its popularity.

Usually, people get confused with terms like parasailing, para motoring and paragliding, though every one of them provides you the freedom of flying alone, but there are little variations in terms of operating rules.

Paramotoring is an advanced form of ultralight aviation. In this adventurous sport, the pilots will need to carry a motor on their back, which purvey the required thrust to fly deploying the attached canopy. You can launch it in air and ground all alone without any help, the control completely stays in front of this para motorist however you can also go for tandem powered paragliding

Parasailing refers to that recreational activity that we do in the beach, a professional helps the para sailor to attach himself to a boat with the support of a harness; he also has to attach a parasail, a specially designed form of parachute. As the vehicle moves ahead in high-speed it drags the para sailor and with accelerated speed, it lifts the individual high into the atmosphere, here the individual has least amount of control over the parasail.

The basic skills you need to adapt before paragliding are how to launch in the air, turn and soil the para glide safely, here the hand wheels assist in controlling and accelerating the pace and changing the direction. The pilots sits on a harness swung below a fabric wing containing lots of interconnected baffled cells.

Two different forms of powered paragliding are available in practice; among the motorized paragliding devices includes foot-launch unit. Here the pilot carries a 2-stroke engine and need to run to acquire the necessary pace and momentum before launching in the air, another one includes”trike” unit. To choose the one right for you it is advisable to seek advice from the experts.


Though, people consider it safer in comparison to other daring sports activities but nevertheless it’s important to understand about the safety measures before one rides a para motor. Your safety totally depends upon your sincerity in learning the flying courses, it’s important to keep in mind that the weather conditions prior starting a paragliding lesson.


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