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Boxing involves mostly punching and defense. It may not sound very complex, but training to knock out an opponent requires complication and sweating off those muscles to a massive extent. Here are a few ideas to aid in training, enhance your punch and develop your own defense.

• While training the most important thing to remember is to drink lots of water. All that sweat that is getting dispensed from your body makes you dehydrated and you won’t have the energy to work out. So, stay hydrated.

• Make friends and be humble. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone for boxing tips. The more you know about another’s technique the more you learn about your flaws.

• Do not push yourself to the limit from day one. Start from the bottom and improve your capacity one day at a time. Make your training fun and worthwhile. Pushing yourself over the border could make you quit quickly.

• Punch light and sharp! Make your workout more precious by following these two simple rules. This will permit more bag time and you’ll also have the energy to do so. Placing a show by breaking a sweat and huffing and puffing will get you nowhere.

• Breathe! Most end up holding their breath! Don’t forget to breathe out while punching. Looking at your opponent can be motivating in most angles. Do not examine the floor but watch how your opponent crumbles before your eyes.

• Keep hitting and punching no matter what. Let your opponent know that you’re no quitter. A boxing speed bag can help while training to punch in a constant way. Use your entire body to your advantage. Throw your body at every punch, this way you do not sacrifice any form of power.

• Use Short hooks, short rights and short uppercuts together with long jabs. You earn more time and strength.

• Keep calm and throw combo punches of both light and hard order.

• Utilize the opportunity to land your punches in every part of the body. Keeping his mind at bay work on the best way to encounter the rest of his body.

• Practice 3 to 5 combos for each opponent. Trying out every combo could be a waste of time and energy.

• During coaching if you are out of breathe, calm down, inform your coach and take a breather.

You’ll find a lot of boxers moving all around the ring for no reason going off the fight. Focus on your opponent and attack at any chance avoiding your opponent’s blows at exactly the same time.

• Also do not wait for your opponent to complete his punch, if you have a gap, take the opportunity even if it doesn’t land.

• While in the ring, there’s no room for relaxation. Always focus, concentrate and focus. A small distraction may be the chance your opponent was awaiting.

• Above all, have fun. Make boxing an enjoyable sport and make the most out of it while training. Be serious while coaching but do not make it boring.


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